The Global Autism Alliance (GAA) is a network of autism organizations who are actively partnering on specific projects and programs on a global scale. Some of the plans include sponsoring international conferences, creating professional training webinars, establishing networked treatment clinics, translating important articles, and much more.

A representative organization for each country will oversee the development and creation of GAA’s initiatives and projects, and these organizations will distribute up-to-date relevant information and education to other autism organization within their country.

Representatives of autism organizations who are interested in learning more about GAA should review our ‘Structure and Policy’ document. Click here to complete the membership application.

For those with concerns that they may be closer to the Aspergers end of the spectrum, give this online test a go. It's a quick and dirty assessment for anyone who may be curious but not especially concerned.

The GAA differs from another newly formed global organization called the ‘Global Autism Collaboration’ (GAC). As mentioned above, organizations associated with the GAA will partner together on specific projects and programs, whereas the GAC is a network of non-profit autism organizations with the primary goal of sharing information and providing support to one another. Both organizations are very much needed to respond to the growing epidemic, the need for adult services, and the international economic situation.

Family members, those on the autism spectrum and professionals are encouraged to support the Global Autism Alliance. Your donation can and will make a difference within the autism community worldwide. If you're unsure if your child has autism, you may find the autism spectrum test helpful.

Steve Edelson, Ph.D.
President, Global Autism Alliance